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The Naked Podcaster

Welcome to The Naked Podcaster!

Get ready to hear stories of those strong enough to Bare It All.

The Naked Podcaster is a representation of freeing yourself, your story, not being confined by social norms. Just allowing yourself to be you in all your quirkiness, baggage, struggles to success, tragedy to triumph.

You have two options: You can contact me to be a guest – everyone has a story that should have a voice and wings – set it FREE. There’s no rule that you need to be naked during the interview. Or you can just hang out and listen (with or without pants) to people being their amazing, awesome selves!

Oct 24, 2017

Paul and I met at a public speaker's conference and his story resonated with me so much that I couldn't wait to have him on the show. If you're wanting a story about sexual and physical abuse, alcoholism, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and service to our country in the Marines, listen and stay until the end. 

I'm so thankful to Paul for sharing his story. It's a longer podcast and entirely worth it! We delved into his story and he shared so much depth. I'm appreciative of his vulnerability, rawness as well as compassion in his journey. Find Paul HERE

Paul was raised in Billings, Montana.  After a short stint at college, Paul enlisted in the United States Marine Corps.  During his first enlistments, he held a variety of jobs and traveled the Pacific Rim from Australia to Tokyo, and was selected for a commissioning program.  This gave him an opportunity for a second chance at college while concurrently maintaining his duties as a Marine.  Attending the University of Arizona in Tucson, Paul graduated from the Eller College of Business with a degree in Public Administration.  Rejoining the operating forces, Paul was assigned duties at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Paul has coached thousands of people from hundreds of different ethnic backgrounds over the last 20 years.  Paul is a Certified High-Performance Coach through the High-Performance Institute.