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The Naked Podcaster

Welcome to The Naked Podcaster!

Get ready to hear stories of those strong enough to Bare It All.

The Naked Podcaster is a representation of freeing yourself, your story, not being confined by social norms. Just allowing yourself to be you in all your quirkiness, baggage, struggles to success, tragedy to triumph.

You have two options: You can contact me to be a guest – everyone has a story that should have a voice and wings – set it FREE. There’s no rule that you need to be naked during the interview. Or you can just hang out and listen (with or without pants) to people being their amazing, awesome selves!

Dec 5, 2017

Devon is a fellow podcaster and all-around great person. We discuss being the first in his family to get a college degree, growing up with asthma in a multi-generational home, having an amazing Mom, brother, sister and grandpa, cerebral-palsy, spina bifida, having a dad who abused drugs and alcohol and what it took to get past crippling anxiety.

Devon and his wife have not one but two podcasts. Streamers guide to the galaxy where they review shows on streaming services like Netflix, and another called Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies where they play Dungeons and Dragons. 

In Devon's day job he is a social worker for adults with disabilities. Pretty remarkable story.

@streamersguide and @rocksfalleveryonedies