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The Naked Podcaster

Welcome to The Naked Podcaster!

Get ready to hear stories of those strong enough to Bare It All.

The Naked Podcaster is a representation of freeing yourself, your story, not being confined by social norms. Just allowing yourself to be you in all your quirkiness, baggage, struggles to success, tragedy to triumph.

You have two options: You can contact me to be a guest – everyone has a story that should have a voice and wings – set it FREE. There’s no rule that you need to be naked during the interview. Or you can just hang out and listen (with or without pants) to people being their amazing, awesome selves!

Apr 23, 2019

It took 8 months for us to finally sit and talk at 5 am in the morning and it was so worth it! A different episode, because we discussed how Shauna inadvertently - after two degrees, getting married in a little black dress and being pregnant with baby #1 - she fell into the marketing role of a business and a new idea was born. When her husband joined the military, working online became even more important to her. Now with over ten years of marriage and 4 kids later, Shauna continues to settle into what she's doing for start-up companies. Integrity, passion and a healthy respect for balancing life are part of what makes her exceptional at what she does. INSTAGRAM or Learn more HERE.


These 3 things drive me:

Innovation. Early stage startups have big ideas and small budgets. They need to get creative to spread the word about their awesomeness.

Effectiveness. Creativity is great, but all the ideas in the world mean nothing if they aren’t actionable. Marrying big ideas with the analytics and data helps startups reach their goals.

Integrity. We’ve all been burned before. It ends here. Your success lights me up. We’re all a team with the shared goal of scaling your startup.