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The Naked Podcaster

Welcome to The Naked Podcaster!

Get ready to hear stories of those strong enough to Bare It All.

The Naked Podcaster is a representation of freeing yourself, your story, not being confined by social norms. Just allowing yourself to be you in all your quirkiness, baggage, struggles to success, tragedy to triumph.

You have two options: You can contact me to be a guest – everyone has a story that should have a voice and wings – set it FREE. There’s no rule that you need to be naked during the interview. Or you can just hang out and listen (with or without pants) to people being their amazing, awesome selves!

Sep 17, 2019

Pam and I go deep on culture shock, music, speaking, trying out every type of high school, not fitting in anywhere, getting her GED on her 17th birthday, date rape, a Second Chance program that didn't work out, getting pregnant as someone who didn't want kids, burying two children, raising two others, leaving an abusive...

Sep 10, 2019

Lyn was such a blast, discussing how she completed college even though she had a horrible reading comprehension issue (spelling was tough too!). We discuss ending her relationship with a strict religion, ending her marriage, obsessing over her weight, going corporate over teaching because it paid well, how...

Sep 3, 2019

Today Alana and I discuss parenting teens. What it was like for her, some things she disliked, how as kids they learn enough to know how to hide things better.

As a parent, I was not permissive but not restrictive. I trusted my kids even when I knew they were lying. They knew they could always come to me, although I...

Aug 27, 2019

I knew going into this podcast that we'd be laughing a lot and we won't disappoint. In the laughter, we discuss some tough topics. How a car accident altered Dom's life, how being a caretaker for his Dad who suffered from Alzheimer's was incredibly tough - especially his "stained glass eyes". We talk reading,...

Aug 20, 2019

Sydney and I get real, deep and personal about bullying, body image, growing up living in the movie Mean Girls, having an eating disorder, being suicidal and afraid to go to school. What helped? Journaling, gratitude, motivational videos and podcasts all learned at the treatment facility she checked herself into.